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Arc length dimensions


New member
Cannot figure out why drawing will not accept info that I'm giving it to create an arc dim.

Is there anyway that I could get/give a phone # of/to an expert in this field so I can talk though my problem. To much to explain by writing

Are you talking about a curvilinear dimension, i.e., the length of an arc? Pro E only supports linear and angular dimensions.

There is a way around this if you have BMX. Create a datum analysis feature of the type Measure that creates a parameter for arc length. Then on the drawing you can create a parametric note with a leader. The note will be:


where arc_length_parameter is whatever you called the parameter in the datum analysis feature in the model, and feat_name is either the name or feature ID number of the datum analysis feature.

Have you tried calling Tech Support?

Dave Martin

Torgon Industries
One important thing to remember about showing & creating dimensions of arcs in drawings. If the arc or radii is created on a surface with an angle or taper (draft), the dimension will NOT show or be able to be created in drawing mode if the angle of the surface is not perpendicular to the drawing view.

Hope some of this may help. If not, send me an email & I'll try to help you that way.


I am a consultant snowboard shaper.

Typically, we export ProE or Solidworks into AutoCAD. Where we finalize the flat design print templates into our production drawings. As a design shaper, I am always switching between 3d and 2d; for the final product. Working with circumference values between my laminate shapes, the equation I use is...Circum=(pi*2*Radius) * (Angle/360)

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To get arc length. While in sketcher hihglite the arc, choose edit>convert to>perimeter when asked to choose the dim to control with , pick the radius, or define the arc with an angle and choose that instead. Now you can change the arclength and it will change either the radius or the angle to accomodate the perimeter change.

You can then write a relation suchas arc length s, equals radius(r) times theta, in radians. so s=r*theta*pi()/180.

Good luck
I just learned something new. In the drawing choose the arc, choose both ends of the arc, place the dimension, Pro/E will ask if you want to the dimension to be angular or arc length. I don't recollect this option being available prior to 2001.

Also, you do not need BMX to create an evaluate feature. In 2001, choose Insert/Datum/Evaluate.

I don't even get the Insert/Datum/Evaluate option. I am guessing this is part of BMX (Behavioral Modeling Extension) because the Insert/Datum/Analysis, which I do see, doesn't work & says I need to order BMX.

Please try to check your facts when posting in this forum. Incorrect info doesn't help anyone.
To get access to Datum Evaluate without BMX you must set the config option allow_anatomic_features to yes. You will then get the evaluate feature

You can create that dimension in drawing but it is a driven dimension and not a feature dimension in the solid model.

Then use the evaluate feature gggggggggggg can't see :)

Also, thanks for the info on Edit/Convert/Perimeter, did not know it was an option. Always something new to learn in here :)


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