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Applying a load to a specific surface location...


New member
I don't know Mechanica, yet, so a little help would be greatly appreciated. I have a plate in which I need to do a load analysis on a surface but only within a certain boundry of that surface. I have a datum curve representing the outline of the surface, how do I apply a load only to that surface within the datum curves (which are closed)?


Steve C


New member
hammerpe said:
Are you on wildfire? You need to create a surface region. In wildfire the menu piicks are:
Surface Region

Now you can create or select a Datum curve to create a region. It's pretty simple. If you have any probs let me know.

Could anyone expound on this procedure a bit? I tried to create a surface region, but when I select 'Create' it gives me the options of either sketch or select. Since I don't have one yet, I would need to sketch it, so thats what I pick. However, I can't select a surface, plane, or anything. What step am I missing? Do I need to create a sketch within Mechanica beforehand? I'm still on WF1 by the way.


Active member
yes, you need to sketch. click on sketch, select the surface, you want localised area on, and then another reference for the sketcher environment to appear, then sketch. After you exit off sketch you will need to the select the surface again and then ok



New member
You need to hit 'Done' or MMB to select your sketching plane.

Sketching this surface region is just like using Sketcher - you need to pick a plane to sketch on and usually the default orientation. The sketch will project onto the surface you need from that plane.You may need to create a sketching plane that will allow the sketch to projectproperly to the correct surface. After sketching, you will 'selectsurface to add' which is the surface you want the region on.