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Application of bearing loads!


New member
hi ,

i have a problem of how pro/e is intrepreting the bearing loads. Can anyone help me out.

i will give a brief explination of the problem.

i have a rod with 3 holes at the the bottom at 120 degrees apart. i have to apply a load of 337.5 on the whole structure which is distributed on to the 3 holes. So i applied 112.5 as bearing load on eachhole. And when i apply 337.5 by seleting all the 3 holes at a time, the stress are 3 times to what i got when applyng 112.5 on each hole.

So i confused which one is right and how pro/e is considering bearing loads.

PLease help me out , i am stuck!




New member
Bearing loads in Pro/Mechanica are used to model radial bearing loads. That means that the load is distributed on half of the circle so that the pressure is 0 at the ends and max. in the middle (a cosine type of distribtion if I'm not mistaken).

So make sure when you apply such a load you do it one hole at the time.