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Anyone into Home Audio?


New member
Hello. Is anyone here on the forum into Home Audio?

I am in the process of building my first set of stereo speakers. The design is one I got from an internet site, not my own. I am just going to build the speakers. But, of course, I am going to model them up in Pro/E first.

Has anyone ever done any audio/video designs in Pro/E? Do any of you work for an A/V company?

For anyone interested, here is the link to the site I got the design from:


I used to subscribe to a magazine called Speaker Builder, not sure if they are around any more. They had all the Theile-Small parametes for the available drivers & lots of good construction articles. I built a vented 12 cubic foot (think medium sized refridgerator) subwoofer using an 18 JBL driver with a bridged Carver cube amp (400+ watts). It is 3 dB down at 20 Hz, crosses over to my speakers at 50 Hz. Capable of blowing out candels on the 1812 canon shots. Didn't use Pro/E for it though.


New member
Hi gggggggggg

I get pretty obsessive about my audio as well. I had a quick look at the site you linked to and the boxes look way cool. Good strong (read heavy) construction with lots of internal bracing to minimise external cabinet sound radiation. The idea of having two woofers either side of a tweeter is a sound idea (pardon the pun). Many great manufactures are doing just that. I don