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Anyone have problems selecting surfaces for an extrusion?


New member
I'm trying to extrude a lug to intersect with a surface-- see picture. View attachment 171 ProE 2.0 won't let me select the surfaces-- all I can do is go all the way through or to a depth. The surfaces I want to select are of an extrusion. I've tried making the extrusion a surface but no help. I eventually want to trim the top of the lug, apply a draft to the sides, and round some edges. Then I want to pattern the lug and toroid band the whole thing for a tire tread.

Anyone have problems selecting surfaces for an extrusion?


Works here... right click on the feature while you are defining the depth and choose Thru Until and then select the top surface of your other protrusion.

Just as a technical point, there would be less math involved (and probably less regeneration time), if you just extruded the lug through to the other side of the tire wall instead of trying to make the feature stop at the top surface.



New member
It seems you can only select one surface when using the up to surface option. Instead you might be able to just choose the bottom surface to extrude up to.

Otherwise try the To Next option for the depth. That should give you the results want.


New member
That is correct. You can only choose one surface/datum when using Up to Surface. You have through next which may suffice?


New member
Usually I create a copy surface Quilt and place it before the extrusion in the model tree then you can use Upto surface and use Query select to pick the quiltfeature. I think through next option only works for solids so It usually doesn't work even when a surface is next.