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Any idea about PDX??


New member
Hi all,

Does anyone have an idea about Pro/E PDX, the progressive die design package? My company is trying to upgrade to this from the current conventional method of die designing with 2D stuff (AutoCAD). Any info is highly appreciated.



New member
Well, if not PDX, does anyone work or have an idea on any other 3D progressive die design packages (for sheetmetal dies)? Looks like its pretty much an uncommon area to find people to share thoughts. Hoping for somebody to throw some light on........


New member
I am in the process of evaluating PDX 2.1. I've designed progressive dies w/AutoCAD and am looking at doing it with Pro-E. PDX looks like it will speed things up, but as with most PTC apps. leaves me with questions. Looks like a different approach is used with PDX. With Acad I have one 0,0 location for the tool, but with PDX, it looks like you have a 0,0 for each station. Looks like there's a big learnign curve there.