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ANSI standards


New member

When I put datums in for GD&T, they show up under the '82 standard (a box around -A-). I would like them to appear as they would under the '92 standard (an anchor attached to the surface with the letter (A) in a box)


If you have a system administrator all this may be setup with already shared network drives, common config files, etc. But if you are on your own then do this:

In your drawing (with nothing selected) RMB, pick properties/drawing options. This opens the detail settings in your drawing. Change all the settings around until you get what you want. Then save the file to my_detail_settings.dtl. Then edit your config.pro file and add the option drawing_setup_file my_detail_settings.dtl.


New member
right click on drawing, pick properties, from menu, se4lct draing options, within that ara bunch of options.