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another ghost part problem..


New member
I have just experienced my first run-in with these ghost parts. I poked around on a lot of websites and found a few fixes. The only thing that worked for me though, was to add two options to the file. The options are cleanup_drawing_dependencies and cleanup_layout_dependencies both should be set to yes. I had to open both the layout and the drawing, regenerate, and save both files. I could then delete the ghost objects from my workspace and they haven't come back yet. Shoot, I better find some wood to knock on! Good luck.


New member
I had the same problem when I updated proe to the latest release before wildfire, Tech support told me to set cleanup_drawing_dependencies and open_simplified_rep_by_default to yes, fix these ghost objects, as Jharroun stated, but to return cleanup_drawing_dependencies set to no after the ghost objects are removed.

I found that these ghost objects always existed but were forced in if you were logged on as admin in Intralink.

Jeff Tofflemire


New member
I'm having trouble adding the options cleanup_drawing_dependencies and cleanup_layout_dependencies to my config. files. Basically I'm not able to add it. So I'm not sure what's wrong..


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