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annotation finder


New member

I think most of you are aware of ctrl F function in pdf/MS word/excel document. We can use this to find a particular word in a pdf/MS word/excel document.

Is there any options like this in UG drawing application.? which can identify a particular word or annotation in a drawing sheet by searching for it.

My requirement is, most of the times we are working with heavy assembly drawings with more than 200 parts including fasteners. All these parts & fasteners are callout using a part number which will be generated by other software where there is no link between this software and UG. So we will take the part number and add a annotation with leader in drawing to callout the particular item.

In these cases, if I'm replacing a screw in assembly I need to update the drawing(which might be used in n no of places) for the same replacement. So the old part number should be identified and replaced with new part number of new screw. To do the replacement I need to find out manually where the particular screw is called out among the hundreds of callouts which will take much time. So here if I can use a command which can search the part name I give and highlights where and all it is used, it will reduce my time to identify and update. And also it is very much useful to check the drawing with respect to quantity and in how many places it is called out so that I can avoid duplicate callouts. This wil help the reviewer too.

Or do I need to go for a macro for this?

Any help will be of great help.