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animation tutorial


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I recently stareted to use wildfire and I try animate one of my assemblies. I am looking for a tutorial that teaches how to animate an assembly.




i think it is the right time for someone to build an article about creating mechanisms efficient, make them work, printing the results and improve them....

after the vacations maybe we will see something like that...



Mechanisms or animations? I'd like to think that developing mechanisms is pretty efficient (for me) at this point. Automatically generating the animation files of the mechanisms analyses is not so efficient. I would like to find ways to have more automated outputs (animations, graphs, static images, etc.) out of Pro/E. Most FEA packages (including MECHANICA) have some form of automatic report generation. I would like a similar capability in Pro/E.

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Matthew Ian Loew

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Mr Matthew Ian Loew

I think that a good animation is a result of an efficient mechanism (as we know we can use servo motors that we have made before to create an animation)

So think how efficient our animation can be, if we have connect it with our mechanisn (all the efficiency will pass to the animation automaticallyin avery change we make)



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it was a very good tutorial to start with.... with just three days time
i could create an animation of a power steering assembly thank

is there any advanced options available, like fading in/out components or changing transparency level during animation?



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I am following through the tutorials but am experiencing problems with the Drag Model menu.

First I set up bodies in the Body Definition menu. Then I open the Drag Model menu. The default is point drag. However, when I try either point drag or body drag, I am not allowed to select an entire body. I can only select features in any particular body.

Any ideas? It feels like I am missing some minor point about using the Drag Model menu; But I cannot figure it out.



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I found a model that has been animated and played with it for a while.

I open that model up and in the snapshots that show the parts disassembled, I can move those parts easily using either point or body drag.

However, on the snapshots that have not been disassembled, I am stuck. The parts just will not move?

Any suggestions?



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I am working as a Project Assistant in Amrita CADCAM centre.I am taking classes for the students in Wildfire2.0. I want tutorial for animation.please send me the tutorials.

Thanking you



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I run another website at http://www.3DCADTips.com and am partners with the folks who run this excellent site! That's our ad over there on the right column.

Anyway, this talk of tutorialsmakes me want to let you know that we currently have over 300 links on our site to online Pro/E tutorials each categoriezed and searchable.

Here is the direct link:
but you will have to register for free to browse them. Sorry about that, its just the way the Web works today.

The site also has links to over 900 pro/E tips online! Again, each categorized. Here's the link to that category:

The site also supports just about every other popular CAD system.

I know this topic from experience. I'vebeen an automotive designer for 10 years in my career (thankfully not now) and have used Pro/E like you guys on the fly. Now I write about it and try to help users like I needed help back then but could'nt find it.

If you get a chance to check out the site, please let me know what you think by replying to this thread. I feel better now and I'm going back to bed.

Good luck to all of you. I really mean it!


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yes krahmk there are great and very informative tutorials.. but there is no tutorial for Design Animation .. If you want tutorials for this than read and follow my earlier post please...

Good luck.


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