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Animation limit??


New member
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to create an animation of a surgical retraction system however, I'm running into some problems. ProE keeps crashing out on me. I have over 50 different connections created in the various assemblies and sub-assemblies. After a couple of corrupted workspaces and a couple different assembly model methods I have the assembly to a point where the model doesn't automaticly crash out on me. Once I go into Animation I'm able to string my Key Frame Sequences together but on about number 3 or 4 it will always crash on me. I'm not sure if I've reached a software limit or a hardware limit.

Is there a "limit" on the number of connections that you shouldn't go over? Or am I just reaching my 1GB of ram's limit?

I'm running WF1 2003250, 1GB RAM, Quadro4 980 XGL

Thanks Everyone,



once ur ram is exceeded ur pc uses ur swap file. ur prolly already using well over a gig of memory

i dare say you have looped constraints.

try each assembly individually then add them and test them as you go.

pro-e also creates a error file generally have a look in that directory