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New member
i m working with pro/e wildfire2.0. In mechanical its easy to apply
bearing load in integrated mode. But bearingload icon disapears when i
start with FEM mode...? can u sggest me how to apply bearing load in
FEM mode if it is also to be applied in a particular direction...?

Luis Aguirre

New member

Bearing loads in FEM mode are not applicable because for h-elemts forces are applied at the nodes. Therefore, the load is distributed accordingly throughout each node of the are of application. In P-elementsloads can actually be distributed through the edges and faces of the element which ads flexibility for non-uniform loads. In the past I seenpeople using what is call a spider web ( beam elements)to distribute the load in h-elmentsshells or plates. May be you can use this same technique.



New member
you have a problem with theinstallation. you may wanna re-install them paying particular attention to licence files.


You may also need to specify in the Wildfire setup the location of the mechanica folder, so that wildfire knows where to link to - I think it's under the advanced installation in the ptcsetup.