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Alternate Data Management systems


New member
Looking for alternate data management tools other than ILINK. This would be for a small company of 5 users.

Would be nice it had similar capabilities as ILINK without the headache or price.

Anyone have any ideas?


DesignDataManager is a small-scale system that integrates with Pro/E.

I don't actually use it daily (I'm on Intralink), but I've seen the software & it works pretty neatly (far less admin overheads).

They also have a web access module, to allow other groups to look at the metadata/drawings, etc.


New member
I am a long time user of ProPDM, and I recomend it over I-link. I-link is a good program for the beginner, but it wants to do to much. ProPDM is simple and straight forward, and if you are good at it very powerful.


New member
Have you looked at DesignDataManager for Pro/E?

Its a Vaulting tool, with file version and revision control.

Worth looking at, cost effective and simple to use.

Low in Admin.

Check out: www.csi-europe.com