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Allow_move_view_with_move (???)


Is there a way to keep drawing views pined down so that they are not able to be moved with the mouse? It is very frustrating having to deal with views moving around after inadvertant mouse picks. Does allow move view with move have anything to do with this? If not, what does this config pro option control? I understand that WF has the ability to lock a view so that a drawing view can't be moved. Is there a way to do this same thing in 2001?

Any help appreciated


New member
That is the correct config option. If you set this you will only be able to move the view using the side menu picks and not as now, with the mouse directly.

However, this does not work in certain builds of 2001 !!


New member
The line you want is

allow_move_view_with_move no

This will prevent you from accidentally moving views, but you can still move the views around by picking views/move views form the Menu Manager I have tried this with several cuts of 2001 and seems to work an all I tried.

Skuld ^_^