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Airplane Propeller modelling


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Can anyone help me out in modelling the propeller of a single engine plane. Should i blend the varying crosssections or can i use a variable sweep section.


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Depends on how your airfoil is defined.

Do you have a series of sections defined with points or are you sketching a single section or what ??


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If planar would recommend creating a datum-curve from file and putting a General Blend (use the select section option) through them.

If not planar still create the datum-curve but put a boundary surface through them and go from there...


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Use a variable sweep it's the easiest way

yes..i do have a series of sections.

Am curious to know the details of the VSS approach......

Nose Bleed

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Ditto Doug !

I've always used thin protrusions or twisted blends on compressor blades/fan blades - never thought of using a vss. however, I've never needed to model a propeller!


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Hi. This is interesting stuff. I model turbine fans and wings just for fun sometimes. How do you make the edges of the blades and wing tips look nice and rounded? I've been baffled by these two problems for a couple of years now. Especially the wings tips. Do I need to use datum curves?

Take care. paperclip.


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How do you make the edges of the blades and wing tips look nice and rounded?

Use datum curves and boundary blends for the edges.

Iam not sure why you would use a VSS for a propeller blade though. I didnt realise you could make a g2 surface with a VSS.