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Advanced Structural and Thermal


New member
I finally upgraded to Advanced Structural and Thermal (WF 2.0 m120), but
I am still a novice in Mechanica. All of the modules are listed as Structural
and Thermal, and I have the Vibration module installed, which is
supposed to be only available with the Advanced bundle.

My question:

What are key differentiators that I can look for either in the license,
installed modules, or menus that would confirm the Advanced package?




New member
Dear Sir,

Before Progressing to any advanced module of any software it is absolutely essential to know the basics of the software and its minimum functionalities.

so i would advice you to learn the basic traits of Pro/Mechanica and understand the workflow in it which will give you a fruitful analysis and desired results.

as you do so you will understand the inherent shortcomings of the basic package and you will feel the need for advanced functionalities such as robust meshing capabilties,simplified models and more post proccessing options plus the inbuilt advanced analysis definitions.

if you need any further advice you can reply to this post as well as e-mail me on my corporate e-mail which is [email protected].

perhaps i can also give you some basic tools and tutorials to get you going in Mechanica.


New member
plz help
i am new in pro E analsys
and want a basic tutorials (step by step) for structural thermal