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Adding lines on exploded assembly drawing


New member

I am making a menu. So I exploded assembly and insert to a drawing. Now I want to add some lines which will show more clear about the assembly, like what we did on AUTOCAD in a isolated view. Something like the picture I shown below. I uses the LINE command and changed the LINES property to PHANTON. Is this the right way? I don't believe so. Any helps are highly appreciate.



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New member
Yes! Offset lines's the better method. But be careful when selecting entities to create offsetline. It sometimes makes you confused in the silly way it appeared. You better use query selection.


New member
Offset lines add features to your assembly. I show part axis and drag the ends. You can also insert breaks to clean up the look.


New member
you guys answer this question bothering me long time as well!

go further, someone could tell how to show the explode staat of an assembly in drawing, or in other words, how to show the offset lines? many thanks!


New member
After creating your assembly, on the Pro/E assembly menu choose ExplodeState>Create, give it a name, usually default EXP0001, from here I usually choose Translate/Entity Edge and start moving components. After setting the location of your exploded components, choose OK and "Offset Lines", create your offset lines, exit Mod Explode and save your assembly. When creating the drawing, choose "Exploded", default is Unexploded and use the EXP0001 as your view.