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Adding a different PRT into a drawing


New member
Hi everyone,

Sorry for my NEWBUE styles of questions. I have decided that when my work load gets lighter I am going to get some TUTORIALS to get myself up to speed. But until then YOU PEOPLE are all I have!

My question is:

I have a drawing with a PRT already in it. I want to add another PRT into the same drawing.

The PRT are similar and I was thinking of using INSTANCES, but this PRT is already modeled and ready to go (I didn't model it)...all I want to do is ADD it into my EXISTING drawing.

Can someone tell me the steps to acheive it.




New member
Nevermind......figured it out....I knew I would if I kept looking.

Sorry about posting until I thourghly investigated.



New member
There is an easier way in wildfire of getting your partadded to a drawing.

Open the browser in proe. select on your part that you want to add. Drag it into the drawing window to add it to the drawing.