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Adding 3D dimensions in Assembly (2001)


New member
Hi Everyone,

Can anyone tell me whether I can add cosmetic dimensions to an assembly, for example I'm designing a new wheelchair and want to make a assembly template with the overall parameters, ie length, width etc. I've been creating planes and csys, and I would like to show the dimensions between say to offset planes, just as when you modify the plane and the dimension shows.

Any help would be greatly appricated




New member

A drawing of this assembly should fulfill your need.

Alternately, you can try a 3D note and include the dimension symbol in the note. You will be able to click on the value of the note to control the offset dimension.

Hope this helps.



New member
There's also a drawing setup file (.dtl) option allow_3d_dimensions to show dimensions in isometric views. You can access the .dtl options from Advanced > Draw Setup in 2001 (File > Properties > Drawing Setup in WF IIRC).

It sounds like what you want to do is create dimensions on the drawing (Insert > Dimension) rather than showing feature dimensions on the drawing (Edit > Show and Erase). Besides, you can't show feature dims in an assembly drawing.

Mike's suggestion for using 3D notes is another good solution. Don't forget to use the & before the symbolic form of the dimension (e.g., &d31).


New member

If you have the datums in your assy and they have dimensions, turn your datums on, repaint and pick the datums to show their dims.

You can show any dimension of any component/subassy in an assembly drawing. I often create detailed prints using assemblies instead of detailing all the seperate components, Eg., a knob with 2 components.


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