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Accepting entered note with the keyboard


New member
Is there a way to close/accept the Note Properties window (when editing a note) with the key strokes (e.g. Ctrl+Enter or whatever)? And I take no mapkey stuff for an answer.


In WF2, MMB closes the window if the cursor is OUTSIDE the window but not if it is inside! Go figure.


New member
hi skraba,

can u clarify the version of proe you are working in?

iam using 2000i2, and i while i edit the text in notes, after finished my text i'll hit "enter" key twice. or you can use the middle button of the mouse twice for the same.


New member
It's WF2. And MMB outside the window works for me although I'm used to work with keyboard a lot so I miss shortcut keyboard strokes for common commands.