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acad to pro/e


New member
hello friends,

how to import an autocad dxf drawing into pro/e.

i tried using the config.option:

copy_dxf_dim_copy . but not getting any results.

not a single entity appears in the drawing window.


New member
Create a new drawing in Pro/E with size as variable. Input the length and width of the drawing values same as the ACAD drg size.

Using Insert>>Data from file,select the dxf file. When prompted for move to left corner, say yes and the dxf file is imported into Pro/E.


New member
I can get the dxf drawings into a Pro/E drawing but the resize to fit pushes entities out to the edge of the 11x17 paper so the printer isn't able to print the entities that are beyond the print margin. Is there any way to vary the scale of the data or is it strictly a Y/N proposition when you import.

I wasn't aware of the variable option. I'll try that and see if imputing the actual printable region rather than the paper size works.

Bernie Hayden



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