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A problem in using pattern



I draw a column using revolve command. And I already made a plane whice is angled a base plane and another plane on which I draw a V groop.

but when I using pattern command to form a pattern base that V groop.but I can not get the rignt result,

the screen displayed Pattern creation was aborted.

I am puzzled.

Can you help me???


New member
first of all your question belongs to modelling forum and not drawing forum.

try to make a plane at an angle on fly-over during (within) the creation of your v-groove

else make a group of your plane (at an angle) and the feature (v-groove) and then try with group pattern

hope this will helps u


New member
well, i've tried creating patern of revolved featured aligned datum plane grouped together. but i only managed to successful pattern the feture up to 180 degrees angle. the feature is either created on the same direction of the first 180 degree making it overlaped or gives an error message. i'm also still looking for an answer for this.


Dear Friends,Thank you for your help.

After your help I have tried again.And now I can do that.the details are say as following:

1. you'd best insert a base axes in the model, this should be the revolve center line.

2. draw a revolve model using that revolve center line

3. now we will add a v groop on the surface on the revolve model

1) feature-->create-->solid-->cut-->revolve-->solid-->done

2) choose one side in the attributes then-->done

3) choose setup New-->make Datum-->Through-->select the revolve center line -->angle--> select a plane(top or front or rignt in Pro/E 2001) -->done--> select Enter a Value-->

enter 45 degree-->done

4) this step is more improtant than others. now you can see Use Prev and Setup New on the SETUP SK PLN-->select Setup New-->select an endface on the revolve model-->select Flip or Okey-->top-->select the Datum plane you have made before-->now you can see the references dialog box-->select the the datum plane and another plane as your reference-->now you can drow an v type line and be care to align the both end points on the v type line and the circle. then you can using through all and other s to get only one V groop.

5) select the cut model and then select pattern -->General-->done-->select the value you want to pattern and enter the numbers you want -->done

Now you can get the v groop pattern.

Thank you for your help again, my dear friends.