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A non techincal question


New member
Hi Guys,

I have been given the opportuntity to be the CAD Admin guy, and need to know two things... Firstly is this a management position and secondly what salaries should I expect for this type of position?

thanks in advance

>>is this a management position

Probably not, but it really depends on how your company is set up. I've worked in places where the head admin was a manager of a department like engineering systems and had a few other admins working for him/her. Sometimes, these other admins specialize in areas like modeling (Pro/E) or data management (Pro/I, Windchill, etc.). I've also even seen this department managing small drafting groups as well.

As for salaries, check out the salary surveys for some feedback in this area (when grouped by job title). Again, it will vary depending on the company. I've worked in places where the admins were paid less than the engineers and vice-versa.