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a day of frustration


New member
Has anyone found some voodoo that will help me preventmy part from flying off the screen EVERY F%^*ING time I regenerate something. These are not wholesale part changes. Just changing a 2.0mm to 3.0mm radius fires my part off to Neverland. F'ING POS!


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New member
Tried it. Stills moves around.

Is there a config.pro option called:

Plant_my_foot_in_its_ass = OhHellYeah

I would really like to try that one today.

Thanks for the try, Brian. Model-on!


New member
Is it flying off the screen or zooming way out?

Inch or metric?

I might not have a clue but have put features in my inch start part that establish a "sensible" size. It works for the zoom to infinity thing.

It might also be due to having a reference (def csys with certain types of dependancies?) that's displaced from the created geometry.

Any chance you can share the (what version Pro/E?) part?


A belated thought; creating a simp rep and excluding the offending feature might offer some relief.


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New member
Sounds like you have a feature, datum or something way outside the model. When you regen Pro/E will try to fit everything in the screen. Go down your model tree one by one and see if this maybe the case.


New member
I would have to agree with Phoxeoy. When modifying my colleagues parts the same thing happens on regeneration. I have noticed that he is always placing his coordinate sys about 2 miles from the part itself. Unfortunaly this is normally something that cannot be deleted or supressed as he uses it as his refence point. Not exactly sure why he does this....
as it makes more work than necessary when trying to modify them... Tho if he did a proper job in the first place i wouldnt have to continuously modify his work !!


Create a named view so you gan get back to where you need to be quickly. And stop using those $!## coordinate systems off in outer space. If you have to have one due to some corporate edict, don't make it the first feature and don't have any dependancies to it. That way you can suppress it while you are working on the model.


New member
Great Bandaid suggestions but:

1. In Automotive body design the CSYS is the start of the world. All refs come from it. Corporate startparts always have a CSYS as the 4th feature. Can't change that.

2. My parts are modeled inbody position...some off the origin by 3000mm or more. Can't change that either.

3. The bounding box dia is 2549mm. The part is around a1000mm dia. The delta is not that much. This particular partis only 1000mm from the origin.

4. Pre-WF I didn't have the issue.

5. It's Friday and I need to drink my week away.



New member
One way to ger around is to assemble to default csys. Then create another csys that is offset for design purposes. This way when you regenerate it will not fly off the screen.


New member
Ditto. Try this:

Empty file, create a csys (CS0). While CS0 is still active click csys tool again and OK. While CS1 is still active click datum plane tool to get three datum planes (if desired). As long as no other feature is dependant on CS0, CS1 can be anywhere and CS0 will not affect model size.

(Wonder if / how all this relative accuracy calculations)?

I find it interesting that this wasn't (?) an issue prior to WF. I learned Pro/E on WF and posed these questions of PTC support. Got an over the phone equivalent of a blank stare in return.

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New member
dlongmi said:
Great Bandaid suggestions but:

1. In Automotive body design the CSYS is the start of the world. All
refs come from it. Corporate startparts always have a CSYS as the 4th
feature. Can't change that.

Don't know if this is any use to you but you probably can change it.

If the CSYS is a default coordinate system you can re-order it to being
the first feature (which makes far more sense to me) or to any other
position that suits you better

If the coordinate system has been defined by three planes, redefine it's attributes to "default", then re-order it.


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