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    After installing Symantec Client Security AntiVirus and Firewall, I get the error message "WARNING: Proper TCP/IP configuration was not detected." upon startup of Wildfire, then Wildfire continues to run without a problem.

    Windows XP SP2

    Wildfire 2.0 M060

    Symantec Firewall

    Corporate requires Symantec Antivirus & Firewall, so removal of that is not an option. Any Suggestions otherwise?

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    If WF is running then you can probably just ignore it. If it is causing a problem you probably have to go into the firewall settings and open up some ports to let Pro/E communicate with the license server. I don't use that firewall so I can't help on the details but it is usually pretty straight forward.

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    All I have is Norton Anti Virus installed, with internet worm protection turned on. The first time I saw what you described was today, after updating my virus definitions. After that message came up, Pro started, but I shut it down and fired it up again without that message displaying. Pro seems to work fine. I'm just curious now if that was the same thing that happened to you, because I never saw that message before today.

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    I should have just posted here first. I've been fighting with my system for the past month ever since I installed new Anti-Virus software (McAfee Total Protection). The day after installation, ProE WF5 and Creo2 started displaying a message just like the one above "Warning: Proper TCP/IP configuration was not detected . . ." WF5 would crash (or sometimes freeze up on the splash screen). Creo2 would start, show the error, and then continue without any problem. So I've been forced into a transition to Creo2 before I really wanted to. Also I have files that I don't want to force into Creo2, so I'm still resisting the change (not to mention the fact that I'm annoyed by the error message every time).

    I've even uninstalled McAfee, but nothing changed. System Recovery Point (or whatever it's called these days) was also unsuccessful. I even reinstalled all of the WF5 files from disk, and removed and reinstalled the license file (Locked License). I'm not sure whether this is a ProE problem or a Windows TCP/IP problem. Any guidance would be very helpful.


    Myles Christensen
    Idea Zone Product Development

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