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5 axis machining & DMU 200P


New member
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Hi Everyone, We are now moving to 5 axis machining & recently purchased a Deckel Maho DMU 200P Machine with a heidenhain tnc 430 control. We have used 3 axis machining with pro/nc successfuly. My question is regarding the 5 axis capabilities of pro/nc. What are your views on 5 axis capabilities of pro/nc. Further if any body having a post for this machine or any similar machine or control & willing to share, i'd really appreciate that.

Looking Forward to your replies,


John Smith.[/B][email protected][/B]


New member
Hello John,

Pro/NC handles 5 axis machining extremely well. We have implemented on occassion across north america.

With regards to posts, you may be able to find something generic out there that may work to some extent.

We provide post building services, and if you are interested, we would
be glad to quote you on the developement of a custom post.

If youa re interested, let me know. It would be our pleasure to see what we can do for you.

Best regards,