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5-Axis HELP???


New member
Good Morning Mark,

Are you new to Pro/Man? If so and if you have not already done so, go to training for this module. If you are familiar with Pro/Man, most of the five axis NC sequences are created in the same fashion as a standard three axis motion. Just with more options. Trajectory, surfacing, etc...

For example, if you want to do a surfacing routine keeping the tool axis normal to the surface then you would define the sequence as a five axis milling routine. Inside of the sequence you tell the system how to handle the five axis part of it (keep the tool axis normal to the surface).

There really is not much available that I know of as far as tutorials are concerned when it comes to five axis stuff. I am a Manufactuirng Engineer as well and we have quite a few five axis machines (DMU) that I program. Unfortunately, we do not use ProE so my specifics are a little vague. I used to work as a Manufacturing Consultant for PTC, so I have used Pro/Man in the past.

Have you tried to go online and search the knoweledge base? There is a specific site that is dedicated to Pro/NCand has some good information. You have to have a current maintenance agreement and account to log in though.

I will go through my archive files and see if I have anything that may be of any use to you. If I find anything, would you like for me to send them to you? You are also more than welcome to call me at the number below if you would like.Good luck!

Christopher Armijo

Manufacturing Engineer

Sun Country Industries

Albuquerque, New Mexico

(505) 344-4270 ext.109


New member
Mark have you watched any of

the Tips and Techniques Webcasts?

This one was held last week if you missed it you can still watch the recording.

Here's Your Requested Information

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