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    Hi. I've been asked to learn the Electrical Harness Discipline Module from Catia V5. I've searched for some tutorials but haven't found any. Can anyone tell me where can I get a Manual for the EHD? Including how to use Electrical Harness Installation and Harness Assembly. Thanks a lot.

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    Take a look at the CATIA documentation. It has some sample files and steps to go through to get an overall idea.

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    I checked system valiables in dump file and the path to libraries is OK.

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    by joining 3DSwYm you can get access to CATIA and CAA RADE documentation. Please note that install of CATIA does provide user guides. If your company has stripped the User Guides ask your administrator about an installtion. As for the Electrical workbenches if you have questions please ask! The are many fine resouces for learning about this domain.

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