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    I am trying to run a simulation of a planetary gear system consist of four planetary gears, one sun gear & a ring gear in ProE Wild Fire. I m able to rotate sun gear on its axis & the planet gears on their axis as well as revolving around the sun gear after assigning pin & the planar connections. Sun gear & the planet gears are meshing properly. Now the problem is that what connection I should use for the Ring gear so that later on I can define gear pairs between the ring & the four planet gears. The ring gear has to be stationary & has to meshed with planet gears properly.

    If I bring the ring gear in the assembly without making any connection I can make it stationary but I am unable to define any gear pairs between planet gaers & the ring gear which results in incorrect meshing of the planet s & the ring gear.

    Can any body help me in this problem? I have been trying this for a long time & still couldnt finish it.

    I musing mechanism options in Wild Fire.


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    You can use a gear connection, but in the gear pair definition dialog box (for planet and ring gear pair) you must flip gear and carrier bodies in definition of ring gear. It was working for me.


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    Do we have gear connection in mechanism? I think we have only pin, cylindre, ball, bearing, weld, rigid & planar joints available. I dont see any gear connection when I try to make a joint for a ring gear.


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    This is mechanism option, not assembly joints. In wildfire, is in mechanism design this option. As first step you can defining pin joints, then you can switch to Aplications-mechanism, there you can define gear pairs (how is above), and than you can make animation in Aplications-animation.

    P.S.: Sorry for my English.


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    Attachment 411

    look at this image...

    that's all how I can help you.


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    Could you post or email me that mechanism assy. I would like to

    see the simulation of it.

    Thank you


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    I still couldnt do the gear pair connection for the ring gear.

    First of all when I bring the ring gear as a pin joint then during defining gear pair for ring & the planet (after selecting the joint axis of ring gear) the gear pair pop up window by default select the ring gear & the ground body by it self. Now I dont see any option of changing the ground body with the planet. All I can do is flip flop the ground body & the ring gear.

    Can you please define it one more time?

    Can you email me the mechanism assembly of the abov picture? May be I can understand more clearly by looking at it.


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    Raza, check your e-mail inbox, which you have for pro/e central, or email me another one.


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    Can you please send me the mechanism asembly of this planetary system?


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    Can you please send me the mechanism assembly for this planetary gear system. If it is ok with you.


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