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    plz post me the models am also intrested init


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    my email address is:

    Please send me your assembly. By the way if you suppress all the features in model tree your assembly size will become too small and can be easily emailed.

    hemesh...........thanks for ur regard..........

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    hi jan 21

    plz send me the files

    my id is

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    Please send me your assembly files
    my email is
    Thank you

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    GUYS.... If you really want to understand the mechanism
    of Planetary Gear Box and create one of your own (that
    is what satisfies me) search the forum for "epicyclic
    Gear Train". There are posts that describes the
    mechanism constraints. A thorough study will help
    understand the mechanism part of it and the torque and
    load transmission part of it with a view to design the
    gear pairs for load ratings.
    This is not to offend any individual.
    Good luck.
    When a child falters and falls, he has just taken his first step towards running.

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    aaaaa nice to see thisvery old topic.... My planetary gear was just assembly used forsimplified kinematic and positionanalyses and little bit for designas well.... not for calculation of theloads and reactionsevaluation. I have had only two planetarysatelite gears inthat gearboxand it is notthe same as it is required and neededin realworld for load transfers and ratios and so on. So if someonewant to learnhow planetary gear system works,justlearn how it works in realworld and then study the MDX andMDO modules in Wildfire to simulatethemoving assembly there. There are many many things, rough and very detailed aspects of it.good luck
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    I would say with all this interest, that maybe upload these file to the model area of MCAD. Just a thought...

    Those models do look cool though Good job on them...

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    Hello everybody.

    Please send me your assembly files

    my email:

    Creo 2.0
    Windchill 10.2
    Class A surfaces

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    Please send me the assembly files

    my email:

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    Can you please send it to

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