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    I am reallydelight so many people like my assembly and want to see it, but sorry I am not able to send it now. So please someone who get this assy from myself (in case that someone still have it) to upload it to the file section. I tried it before but I have not been succesfull.

    Thanks and best regards,

    Jan Zarnay
    Design engineer

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    I would really appreciate it someone could send me a copy of the planetary gear assembly. I'm trying to model a similar system and haven't quite figured it out.

    Please email it to


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    I too would like this model. If someone can send it to me, or direct me to where it is located, I would be very grateful.

    Please email it to: -

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    Hi group,

    I would also like to give it a try, can I have the part & assembly files. please some one help. I would like to try the mechanism.

    I can be contacted at

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    Yea that is incredable can someone that has it post it in the files section If I had it I would post for everyone like Jan21 has asked please send to me and I will post in the gear section of files

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    I would like to have yours assemblies of gears.

    Thank You very much in advance


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    When a child falters and falls, he has just taken his first step towards running.

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    sorry to mention.

    That topic was started by me and after trying a bit i got the solution. The solution is in the form of a .RAR file with a screen shot. The gears are assembled with an offset to show the connections clearly.
    When a child falters and falls, he has just taken his first step towards running.

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    hi all...Iwas working on WillsonPlanetary Ger-boxlong time ago..Thisgear-box is very powerful and have three satellites in every layer (there are three layers).. I used only two satellites for easier to construct assembly.

    this is simple rendering ofAssembly..

    Attachment 1525

    Attachment 1526

    Attachment 1527

    I can sent the file to you if you want.. I used mechanism gear connections..
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    Hi all

    I am sending for you all my renderedvideo file of Willson planetary gear-box. This assembly was created only for visual understanding of planetarygears.. There are two ctluches and three brakes..





    What do you think?

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