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    could you also email me the assembly. I would love to have a llook @ it.

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    key point is [swap the ring gear 's gear&ground ].i am glad to sharing my assembly.i will send the part files to someone who told me the email address with PM.

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    please send me this too

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    I would like to see this planetary gear assembly in action. Can you post it or email it to me?
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    Does anybody have the assembly of Jan21 still? I would like it as well.

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    yes, email me and I will send you in reply.


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    i also like to have the assembly of jan21...please. what is ur email ISRAR?

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    Hellojan21 and Ice fai.

    I would also like to have yours assemblies of gears.

    Thank You very much in advance
    Best regards,

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    can I have the assembly on this gear too , jan21 & icefai

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