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3rd party pdm system


Anyone know of any low cost 3rd party PDM system to use with Wildfire 2.0 instead of going for Intralink or PDM/Links



New member
Been using Pulse PLM now for a while with WF2 and so far so good. I can find the number for them if you want but they are located in NI but think they have support in the UK also. We use it for file management and use the engineering change functionality in the main program. We have 6 seats of WF2 and I'm told is was less expensive then Intralink. Need to chaeck on that though. If you have any questions on how we use the program then let me know.


New member
Take a look at DesignDataManager, its a mutli CAD multi document pdm system, complete with ECN support.

Supports Pro/E, Solidworks, Inventor and IronCAD, plus we use it to control all our technical documentation.


We have used it for up to three years now with Pro/ENGINEER. Easy to use, windows look and feel, and not heavy on the pocket.

Its an alternative to PTC's offerings.


New member
We've been using DDM with Wildfire 1.0 and also 2001 for about 6 months and it works well. If anyone has any specific questions about it, let me know. I've no connection to CSI!

DDM2005 appears to support wildfire 2.0, as it is an option when you're configuring the client.

I would say the overhead in running DDM is a lot lower than Intralink. I've not seen the latest version of Intralink or PDMLink, but with DDM you get model previews and pdfs/HPGL drawing files on the fly, which is a boon for non-engineers logging in with DDM Office. I'm sure you'll need to spend a buck or two on Windchill to get close to the functionlity in DDM! We're running MSDE as we've only got 10 users, including non-technical folk. No need for Oracle or SQL Server.