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3D sweeps


New member
I am having trouble with one of my 3D sweeps. Generally, if Pro E tells me that my trajectory is invalid, I use a Swept Blend instead. In this case, my cross-section contains multiple loops and it will not allow me to use this method either. I don't think I can use variable sectional sweeps since I only have one trajectory to work off of. The only other option I know of is to use the Swept Blend feature 5 times since I have 5 loops in my sketch. Does anyone know of a better way?


New member
without seeing what is going on, you may be able to:

-draw more trajectories & use the Var. Sec. Sweep

-draw all the boundaries & create a surface from boundaries

-clean up your original trajectory so it can be used

-use the Pivot Direction option of Var. Sec. Sweep. using this option allows you to use only 1 trajectory.


New member
I think I know what you are asking. By putting points on your datum curve and doing a swept blend, you should be able to sketch geometry at the ends of the curve as well as at the point locations. When doing a swept blend and I believe blends in general (someone correct me if I am wrong), along a datum curve that has points attached to it, Pro/E will ask you if you want to sketch sections at those points.