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    i just entered this forum and maybe I'm asking question that was asked before, if so please tell where to find the answer, if not please help if you can.

    how to make part in assembly design which will have one ore more variable dimensions.
    If I have two parts with X distance between them and one part (pipe) with length Y connecting them, how to make connection between X distance of elements and Y length of

    pipe (since pipe is connecting two elements X should be equal to Y, X=Y), so when in assembly design I change X to Z, Y is automatically set to Z, again since pipe is

    connecting two elements.


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    I think you must use parameters in the Assembly and link them in the part:

    1. Create the parameter in the assembly.

    2.Insert the part in the assembly.

    3. Activate the part and create a parameter in the part.

    4. Create a parameter in the part and select as value the assembly parameter.

    Result: an External parameter is created linked to the parameter in the assembly ,so when you modify the value in the assembly, the value in the part is also modified.

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    thank you xanin,

    I solved it with parameters.

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