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    Save As of Assembly without changing common name


    I'm doing a save as in Creo and when I change the number it automatically changes the common name which is a pain in the butt. Is there a way I can save as without the common name changing?


    view attached image. I only changed the first few parts (asm's and skels) to demonstrate how it changes the common name but I want to retain the common name.
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    Windchill can do this , I am not sure if a stand-alone seat can.

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    If you do a save as through creo, it will always change the ptc common name (even in Windchill). If you do a save as in Windchill commonspace, you can keep the common name.

    What we have ended up having to do is use the DESCRIPTION parameter, along with a relation PTC_COMMON_NAME=DESCRIPTION, to keep the common name.

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