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    Creo sheetmetal save as problem


    I am facing problem in CREO... saving a sheetmetal part's drawing.

    When a part model is saved in another location , software saves with its associated drawing but when I save a sheet metal part the software is not saving the associated drawing. Is there any variable to control this.

    Regards - Prabhu

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    I do not think there is a way, as the drawing is dependent on the model. Just think what about the asm where the part is assembled-- it is not saved either.

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    Thank you mike, the component is not used in any assembly, its a single part. Its a sheet metal part with flat pattern created in family table instance along with drawing. I could able to save as sheetmetal part and its instance but not drawing... I am wrong anywhere??

    Also pl through some suggestions to make a Simplified rep contains only sheet metal parts in an large assembly. I don't fine options in rules to select sheet metal parts.

    Thanks in advance
    Regards - Prabhu
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    Back to your original quest
    "but when I save a sheet metal part the software is not saving the associated drawing"
    Is there any variable to control this?

    If you want the drawing saved to the latest version of the part you will need to open up the drawing and most likely change something.

    Check your setting -- save_objects

    I looks like you are not using a PLM server. This can add an additional level of care needed to assure your files are stored cleanly.

    As for your other quest-
    It is a little unclear if you are trying to make a part or asm simplified rep. Have you review the help files ?

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