I am trying to filter a repeat region (RR) that has relations running to create the find number (FN). Here is what I have:
We use a completely parametric bom in our drawings. Each part/assembly has a parameter FN & PL_SORT that we use to sort the RR. Here is my problem. One of our other groups is using a "library" where the parts do not have these parameters. Since they are locked "library" files I cant add the required parameters. To get around this I have written a relation calling the part name and making the fn with the relation.
if asm_mbr_name == "FW1_4B"
fn = "199"
fn = asm_mbr_fn

Where the table column has "&rpt.rel.fn" Running the column. It works and changes the callout to the correct FN number.
The problem is with the sort.
I use this to sort:
&asm.mbr.pl_sort Forward
&rpt.rel.fn Forward
&asm.mbr.fn Forward

The part run by the relation comes out last on the bom no matter what.
If this makes any sense give me some ideas of how to sort it.