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    Drawing BOM and part of family table

    Hi all,

    I am creating a drawing of an assembly. There are two parts in it, a generic and its instance (family table).
    The problem is that in the BOM table they are not separated. The index is the same and the quantity is 2.
    How can they be presented in the BOM separately?
    Thank you for the answer in advance!

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    What report parameters are you using in the BOM?

    Typically you're not supposed to place a generic in an assembly. Are you trying a workaround for either a Parts Catalog (documenting a Family Table) or Sheetmetal Flat State?
    David R. Martin II
    MCAE Consulting, LLC

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    I am using &rpt.qty.
    I created another instance and replaced the generinc in the assembly. The situation remained the same.
    They are two similar shafts. The instance contains some minor modifications and that's it.
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