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    Question copy dwg with multiple models

    Is there a way to create a new drawing from an existing one that has several different models driving it and be able to save all the models with new names? using creo 3.0 and windchill.

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    Are you using a PDMlink system ? Windchill ?

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    Windchill, as stated in original post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sadrok2 View Post
    Windchill, as stated in original post.
    I have to remember to read the whole sentence with my glasses on next time. Give me a little time to check when I am back at work on Monday. I try to give you clear details. One quick question. Are the models standalone or do the have parent child refs ? Best to just rename them all.

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    Canoemike, didn't mean to sound annoyed. I was leaving for the day and tried to make it short. They are huge assemblies, 200-300 parts per. I'll try the rename.

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    Busy day at work today for me, I have not forgot your quest.

    "didn't mean to sound annoyed" none taken as I know Creo/ Windchill will make anyone feel annoyed. There are many on this site who know what I mean.

    Let me know if I should continue with input.

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    I got it to work. I renamed them all in windchill, I was attempting to do it in my workspace and it was messy.
    Thanks for the input.

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    Good to hear you had success. Creo / Windchill can be the gift that keeps on giving. Meaning the learning new ways does not stop.

    Back to your quest- keep in mind windchill is one smart dude. It maybe trying to prevent breaking relationships during an attempt to use it's Save-As function. Also if you did an offline rename there are risks, so the more I use this system I prefer to stay in Windchill as you did. I tried to attached a pdf but it was to big for this site. So here a screen shot that my be of help.

    Again good to hear your journey is moving forward. Hang on for the ride.
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