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    Drawing view property box missing

    Been on ProE for way too long. Have been on Creo 2.0 for a bit, but not sure if I missed some changes on an update.

    When in the drawing I go to select the drawing view and want to open up the properties box. Where you can go in and change the display state, change it to a cross section view, etc. Before I could double click on the view and the property box would pop up, or I could select the view, right click and scroll down to properties and the box would open up. I get nothing now. And when I right click the option is gone. I have a screenshot showing what I'm seeing.

    Is there a change I missed? Or a config file I can change?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Check which tab you have active. for example if you are in annotation you only have right click option pertaining to it. I am at home now with out Creo so I do not know 100 % but I thnk it is the first tab is the one that needs to be active. Pro-e / Creo the gift that keeps on giving. WF5.0 had the best drawing functions after that tabs similar to other apps were added .

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    Also make sure the view is picked, the outline of the view should be highlighted with a box, I had a similar issue the other day with a view that was very large due to imported features, I never had the view picked until I zoomed out to pick the view boundary.

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    So did my tips work ? A reply is a good thing.

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