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    previous sheet and next sheet parameters in drawing formarts

    Hi all,
    I know these are some parameters for creating drawing format


    But can i get parameter to display next sheet and previous sheet in the current sheet format as the customer border requirement.
    I did try with &previous_sheet and &next_sheet but only defaults me to type-in when trying to create new sheet which will be read as manual text but not an intelligent parameter.
    please help!!

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    I have not tried it but you should be able to write some relations to populate your new parameters. You will need more than just two. Each sheet will need it's own previous_sheet and next_sheet parameter. i.e. sheet 2 will need two_previous_sheet and two_next sheet while sheet three will need three_previous_sheet & three_next_sheet. It's going to get ugly with the last sheet as there will be no last_sheet_next_sheet.

    Sounds like a really stupid customer requirement as in Pro/E you can not skip sheet numbers or use anything other than integers so really current_sheet & total_sheets fully define a normal drawing sheet nomenclature.
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