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    Creo to Edgecam

    Hi all,
    We are currently trying to get up and running with Edgecam as that is the preferred CAD/CAM software for our global company. When I create a model and use the threaded hole function in Creo 2.0, then import the part model into Edgecam 2017 R2, using the Cad-Links option, Edgecam recognises the threaded hole and displays the properties for the thread. However, if i then pattern the threaded hole in Creo and re-import it into Edgecam and re-run the Find Features, the newly patterned holes lose their thread data. Does anyone in here use Creo with Edgecam, would be good to see if someone can try this out and get the same results i am getting...or whether I am doing things wrong, as I'm very new to Edgecam.


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