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    EPDM VS Windchill

    We are working a company which is integrated with anther company

    our engineers are working with SW with EPDM and the other company working with Creo 3 with Windchill.

    what is the best solution to integrate the projects ?

    can EPDM used for creo ? also can Windchill used for SW ?

    there is any other suitable PDM software which is suitable for both SW and Creo ?

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    Windchill can manage SW data.

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    I have managed SW data using Windchill. You get a tab within SW for accessing and controlling Windchill content (very much like desktop integration). It's very simple.

    And of course no other PDM system handles Creo data better than Windchill.
    David R. Martin II
    MCAE Consulting, LLC

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