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    Duplicate Assembly Constraint Set

    Anyone know if there is a way to quickly duplicate an Assembly Constraint Set? I am trying to model the extend and retract of the rod of an air cylinder. I do this quite frequently. I would like to create two assembly sets that are identical except for the distance in a mate constraint. I set up the first assembly set to constrain the rod for the retract position. I would to quickly create the second assembly set by copy/paste if you will ideally, and then just change the distance value on the mate constraint. I've played a little bit with interfaces, but I'm not confident that is a solution or the best solution.


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    you can use copy paste on the assembly part to paste the new part so that half of the assembly constraints are already done for you. I think that works in Creo 2.0 as well.


    You can set up specific interface options. I suggest doing this for library parts but it can be hard to train all the engineering staff to remember that's whats going on.
    Bart Brejcha

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    I was actually looking to create assembly sets for the same part where the second assembly set is exactly the same as the first except the mate distance.

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    ha. okay. Might just be save the assembly as a different name and make some changes.
    Bart Brejcha

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    Why not just make it flexible?
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    Quote Originally Posted by billybowden View Post
    How to make it flexible?
    IN WF4 (which I still use), you just pick the assembly component, RMB and pick MAKE FLEXIBLE.
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