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    Creo 3 - View Manager features - Copy/paste from part to part


    I wonder if anyone know if it's possible to copy f.ex. an orient saved in View manager from one part to another part?

    I have an example:

    I have an assy with 5 parts. I need to show some rendered views of the assy and also show each part in rendered in the same drawing. I could make Simplified reps - showing each part seperately, but I also could use the feature " Drawing Models" - "Set Model" and then make views of each part. This though require (in my mind at least - yes maybe I'm a bit perfectionist...) that you have the same orient of the parts.
    Any ideas?


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    In my classes I present copy and paste specal as part of the courses and am always looking for various methodologies or workflows or reasons for presenting the copy tools.

    Im not sure from you case example that copy past or copy paste special is what your looking to do.

    inside the view manager try to use 'Style' as I think this and in part use with simplified rep will help you accomplish what your looking to accomplish. You next question may be how to you apply those changes to your drawing view
    Bart Brejcha

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