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    Model Tree Width

    Does anyone know how to set the model tree column with and make it stick? I have added a column that shows a parameter value. I am able to set the width of that just fine. When I open Creo it seems to create 3 columns. The model tree is less wide than I would like it, the parameter column I created is the proper width, but it is scrunched over the top of the model tree, and a 3rd column with nothing in it appears and just takes up space. Any thoughts?

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    Try using File > Options > Window Settings and changing the value of "Navigation window as a percentage of main window." I believe this value is still stored in a file (not creo_parametric_customization.ui file), and must be stored in the same locations as a file in order to be read in at startup (loadpoint/text folder, HOME directory, Creo default working directory).
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