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    Cool Add/Allow Location


    I am new to cable routing. Sort of. Used the old one a bit. Learning newer Creo 3 version. So I will be posting a lot in here..I imagine.

    My first question is...per attached....what is the difference between "add location" & "allow location".



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    What version of cabling are you using? I assume Wildfire, correct? In Creo, those commands are slightly different.

    Add Location (Insert Location in Creo) allows you to place another "control point" where you want your harness or network to pass through.

    Allow Location is a priority you can apply to locations in a network that says when autorouting, Wildfire / Creo can pass through that location in the network when searching for the shortest route. Disallow Location forces Cabling to find some other route through the network Required Location forces Cabling to go through that location when routing between connectors.

    Word of warning: when applying priorities to locations, don't forget to reset all priorities when you are finished routing. Otherwise, Creo / Wildfire remembers those priorities during your session.
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