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    Pro mechanica - create a mesh from imported points (nodes)

    Hello all - This is my first post here.. I need help!

    I use an FEA tool that is an in-house software. We do specialized non-linear analyses.

    The meshes that we use can be imported/exported in NASTRAN/Ansys/some other formats.
    However, I use pro/e wildfire and mechanica to create most of the models and meshes, then import those into our FEA software. (a long story made short)

    For this particular project i'm doing, I need to make a mesh that has some specific nodes. So what i need to do is import those nodes as points into mechanica (or pro/e) and then build a model (i need to add more geometry) that can be meshed, where those points become nodes in the mesh. it's important that there are nodes in this mesh at the imported points.

    Anyone know how i can do this?

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    Any Ideas? I'll try to simplify the question..
    I have a set of points in space.. how may i create a mesh in pro/mechanica that uses those points as nodes?

    I would really appreciate anyone's guidance. I make a lot of FEA models, but i can always work with the auto gem mesh as a starting point to get what i need. I've never had a case like this where the mesh must have nodes at specific coordinates. I need this for a logical technical reason, and at 7500+ points, it's not a mesh i can make manually.


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