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    Creo won't regenerate fully

    I have an annoying problem that I'm hoping someone knows how to solve...

    While working with models with either a skeleton, copy geom or both, I get a second regeneration after a feature is completed. However, the second regen wont happen until I click on the screen or rotate the model. When I click the screen or rotate the goes back into another regen...sometimes briefly and sometimes not depending on how far down the model tree I am. This is ultimately costing me quite a bit of time. Do you know what could be causing this? Is it a config setting? I have auto-regen turned off permanently and making the skeleton read-only doesn't make a difference.

    Thanks in advance.

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    can you upload the model?
    Bart Brejcha

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    Quote Originally Posted by design-engine View Post
    can you upload the model?
    Hey Bart...been a while, hope you're doing well buddy.

    Unfortunately I can't upload the model as it's proprietary and a huge cylinder block model.

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    I've never seen a situation where the second regeneration happens upon manipulating the model.

    Does the model have any circular references?
    David R. Martin II
    MCAE Consulting, LLC

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